Omochumne - Hartnell Water District
Servicing the Community of the Cosumnes River

Elections for Omochumne-Hartnell Water District are held in odd years (2019,2021).  It is a landowner based elections.  Those interested in running for office please see the information below or contact the District office.

2021 Election Information

2021 Election Resolution

Declaration of Candidacy form for 2021

Declaration of Candidacy form by Mail for 2021

Election Calendar 2021

Form 470 - Candidate Campaign Statement

Notice of Election for 2021

Code of Fair Campaign Practices

Candidate Statement 2021

2019 Election Results

The canvassing board for Omochumne Hartnell Water District counted the ballots received for the November 5, 2019 Election.  The election canvassing board consisted of Michael Wackman, Shasta Burns, Ken Mitchell, Austin Cho and Rebecca Smith.  A total of 12,390 votes were cast in the election.  The top 3 candidates with the most votes are elected to the Board of Directors.  The results are as follows:

Director Candidate


Mark Wilson


Suzanne Pecci


Paul Hensleigh


Kurt Kautz




Mark Wilson, Paul Hensleigh and Kurt Kautz received the most votes and are elected to the Board of Directors of the District. 

Voter's Pamphlet

Notice of location of central tally of votes cast in the all mailed ballot general district election of the Omochumne Hartnell Water District